A quick tour of the Picipo interface

3 min readOct 7, 2021

Before the launch of the platform, our team has decided to reveal a little about the interface design and some of its functionality.

We are planning to launch the Picipo platform very soon. Therefore, right now we are conducting comprehensive testing of the system for functionality and security.

Right at the start, the interface will have two design options: day and night.

Let’s start with a description of the user’s account.

This will be the main environment in which the Picipo users will spend most of their time interacting with the platform.

Here you may see:

- Collection of artworks (purchased or created);
- Advertising campaigns;
- Communication tools (news feed, chats, subscriptions, etc.);
- DeFi environment;
- Membership in the Picipo DAO;
- Various settings.

Showcase of works.

It is important to note that the sales on the platform will be carried out for stablecoins (USDC). We want to save our users from unnecessary worries and actions associated with the volatility and fixation of cryptocurrencies, artists should not become speculators.

We will use two providers for Visa / Mastercard — Ramp and Mercuryo, just for convenient fiat into cryptocurrencies conversions.

At the first stage, all actions with NFTs will become possible on the Polygon and Ethereum networks, then we plan to add other blockchains depending on the needs of the community.

Under each artwork, information about the auction, statistics of views, likes, comments, etc. and the network in which it is minted is displayed.

Without going to the artwork page, the user has the opportunity to subscribe to the artwork, bookmarks and report plagiarism.

The user can also sort the artworks depending on the criteria.


When minting an artwork, the user can specify the price and put the artwork up for sale without an auction or start an auction.

Picipo uses timed auctions, so the user specifies the time of the auction and the initial price, while he can specify the price of the instant purchase.

In this article, we have briefly described the basic interface. More details on the stages of platform development you can find here.

Stay tuned and follow Picipo!




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