Become even more popular using new communication & collaboration tools on Picipo

People won’t buy your NFT unless you have an extensive marketing campaign. Of course, you can use NFT marketing agencies or different influencers. But what if you have the ability to do all this right on the NFT marketplace?

Communication is the key to manage your audience. For instance, keeping your community informed about the next drop is crucial in order to encourage more bids.

Both social media and content marketing play a vital role in community building and bid participation. Marketing your NFT well is essential to driving more profits from NFT sales. No one will argue that community engagement is a necessary part of NFT marketing because your NFT community comprises people who will spread the word about your new NFT and eventually someone will buy it.

So where do you go to tell about yourself and your artwork? Where do you communicate with your audience? How do you understand that the audience highly appreciate your artwork or collection? — Of course, you are using Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube, etc.


What if you could communicate with your audience right on the marketplace? What if you could instantly understand the audience’s response to your artwork? What if you could start a chat directly with the author? What if you could make a collaboration right on the platform with an author you don’t know anything about? What if you could put your artwork in a place that will attract maximum attention?

Is it possible in one place? — Yes, it’s possible! And it’s all on Picipo.

NFT marketplaces are a modern-day solution for digital artists. But Picipo is not an ordinary marketplace, it’s a unified NFT management platform. It’s a place to connect with friends, meet new people, find fans, unite and create something completely new in a convenient, simple and exciting way.

About Picipo

Picipo is a unified NFT management platform & marketplace built on commit-chain by Polygon. Using the Picipo platform, users can go all the way through NFT creation by choosing the preferred monetization model. The platform goes beyond the online market and crypto society, solving the native problems of the fiat market. Thus, Picipo is a place where it becomes easy for everyone, even not aware of the blockchain technology, to create, buy, sell and leverage NFTs in its user-friendly interface uniting various NFT + DeFi tools and mechanics.

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Building a social decentralized NFT management platform to promote the values ​​of the crypto community. We draw the future.