How to declare yourself and your NFT collection to the whole world on Picipo

Anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to tell an interesting story about themselves and introduce their collection of artworks to the community in a way of Special Projects on Picipo.

Picipo will have a direct focus on servicing the creation, discovery, trade and distribution of NFTs.
We will pay maximum attention to social tools and mechanics, so Picipo will become a place where the artists and collectors will be able to communicate with the audience without using other channels, such as Telegram, Facebook, etc.
Picipo will allow users to extract value from their owned NFTs beyond simple ownership using NFT+DeFi tools and mechanics. And of course, on Picipo DAO will be created.

However, we do believe that an even greater feature of our project specifically for artists is the opportunity to introduce their collections of artworks on Picipo in such a way as to attract the maximum audience and tell the whole world a unique story about themselves as artists, as well as about their collections.

Our platform has no limitations, so everyone can contact the Picipo team, apply to create a unique design for a separate page in the Picipo ecosystem, and put up their artworks for sale.

Our team will support absolutely any talented artist, from beginner to celebrity!

To do this, you need to:
- introduce yourself and send us your collection of artworks;
- stake 50,000 $PICIPO.

If you do not have $PICIPO you can buy HERE and stake HERE.

To contact us, please use our email:

List of special projects on Picipo:

The ORACLE SPEAKS Collection by NFT256

The NFT BASTARDS X PICIPO collaboration

The Nick Walker collection

The STAZ NFT collection




Building a social decentralized NFT management platform to promote the values ​​of the crypto community. We draw the future.

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Building a social decentralized NFT management platform to promote the values ​​of the crypto community. We draw the future.

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