Red Kite to Support Conducting IDO for Picipo

We are pleased to launch $PICIPO IDO on the Red Kite launchpad on the 3rd of October, 2021. Please stay tuned on PolkaFoundry’s official channels to receive information about whitelist registration soon.

In recent years, we have seen prosperity in the NFT market. This explosive trend is continuing to surge and showing no signs of slowing down. However, there are various existing problems around NFTs that make you confused. Don’t worry! Picipo — a social decentralized NFT management platform will provide the necessary tools to meet the NFT development challenges and promote the values ​​of the crypto community.

Going beyond the online market and crypto society, Picipo can solve the native problems of the fiat market. Additionally, users can complete the NFT creation process by choosing their preferred monetization model. Using the Picipo platform, you can easily create, buy, sell and use NFTs in a user-friendly interface that combines various NFT + DeFi tools and mechanics.

Why was Picipo created?

As a unified NFT management platform & marketplace built on commit-chain by Polygon, Picipo was built for several reasons:

  • To create a complete secondary market for NFT through the use of the DeFi mechanism.
  • To ensure the normal operation of the secondary market for NFT through integration with other trading platforms.
  • To provide a smooth process for creators and buyers in one place, taking into account all the needs.
  • To experiment with new DeFi — NFT mechanics and introduce them to the market.
  • To create a DAO and solve community problems together.

Picipo’s Highlight features

  • The Picipo platform aims at empowering all creators with a suite of NFT minting features that can serve any distribution intention.
  • The high fee problems in Ethereum can be solved efficiently.
  • Picipo creates social channels for the community to promote, discuss, and engage with NFTs, bookmarking your favorite NFTs, as well as sharing to external applications..
  • Users may transact easily and securely on the Picipo platform via plenty of trade options.
  • Picipo’s team will implement a set of complex mechanics related to insurance, licenses, augmented reality, physical objects, etc. on this platform.

About Red Kite

Red Kite is a cutting-edge launchpad powered by PolkaFoundry as a part of the growing $PKF ecosystem. Red Kite projects are carefully chosen through vetting, which takes everything from the origins of the project teams to legitimacy and implementation capacities into account. These projects are also supported by a network of our high-class marketing partners, leading influencers, and interactive communities.




Building a social decentralized NFT management platform to promote the values ​​of the crypto community. We draw the future.

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Building a social decentralized NFT management platform to promote the values ​​of the crypto community. We draw the future.

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