The Picipo platform and its advisory board

We are pleased to introduce our advisors and tell a little bit more about them. They are with us from the very beginning of the Picipo journey and make every effort to help us create a truly worthwhile product on the market.

A renowned collector in the galaxy. Keeper of a large collection of paintings, relics, and figures. Being a top-3 NFT collector on Rarible and an author of dozens of artworks, he guides us and suggests important aspects that will allow Picipo to become a truly demanded product on the market.

Motivational keynote speaker to Fortune 500 companies. Public speaking coach to founders, CEOs and world leaders. Trusted advisor to some of the hottest crypto projects in the NFT/Gaming space. He is known as “The Man Who’s Inspired Millions”, he’s taken his mantra “Get Inspired, Get Informed, and Get Going” to audiences across five continents.

Author of dozens of books on ICO & blockchain topics, father of the 4T rating system, founder of the school of blockchain philosophy and philosophy of distributed systems, member of the Russian blockchain association, founder of Synergis, co-founder of the White Guardians community. He shares with us his experience in the practical application of DeFi mechanics and DAO.

Founder of the largest Bitcoin mining pool in Eastern Europe, NFT collector, owner of the 11th part of the Calligraphuturism Manifesto by Pokras Lampas, “23” (one of 5 copies) by Misha Libertee, Meta Girl by Meta Rite, ARTRANSFORM by Alexander Asterra.
He declares: “In the era of consumption, which is dictated by popular culture, digital art is wasteless and immaterial. When I buy an artwork, I buy not just an NFT, but I also contribute to a green digital space in which everyone can monetize their work.”

We are confident that together we will create a great platform that will become a worthy element of the NFT ecosystem. Our community is constantly growing, so very soon we will be joined by many new top advisors.

Stay tuned and follow Picipo!

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